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The Lindstrom Loppet starts at 8:00 AM Tmrw Morning!!!!! Live Results are linked below.

Lake City Races

Lake City Rotary Circle of Life 5k, 10k, 1/2 Marathon


Lindstrom Loppet

Lindstrom Loppet


Eastview Unified 5k

Eastview Unified 5k


memory mile

Northfield Memory Mile


Please see Schedule and Results Page for previous event results.

Fast Finish Results Services

Track and Field Timing

We use industry-leading FinishLynx timing cameras to provide accurate results with 1/1000th of a second precision. Complete event results go online in real time.  Additionally, we use Trident RFID Chip Readers to obtain live splits in 3k., 5k., and 10k. events.

Cross Country and Road Race Timing

We use Trident Sports RFID timing equipment to time cross-country and road race events.  We have the equipment to provide separate start and finish lines and splits out on the course.

Video Display Boards and Timing Clocks

Fast Finish Results now has 7 LED display boards to use at your event. We have the capability and expertise to connect to Large Stadium Scoreboards.  We have several more portable options to display results around your facility.

Live Results

We utilize professional live result platforms to display individual and team results as your event unfolds.  Live running event, field event, and split scoring data displays while your event is going on.  We bring your event to life by providing real-time data to athletes, coaches, and spectators.